In our founders, we belive

We believe that to accelerate the development of the economy in Latin America, we need people with a purpose and disruptive vision. At Imagine Ventures, we seek this through the support of the next generation of Startups that will change the way we do things.

About Us

We are a firm that bets in disruptive entrepreneurs and startups.

Our mission is to drive and support the development of diverse startups at the level of founders, team, and vision. We invest in startups that seek to take charge of today’s challenges in Latam through the development of disruptive technologies or business models.

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+10 years of experience in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem of Latam, from incubator and accelerator to Venture Capital fund.

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We support startups in their preparation for investment rounds and internationalization. Today we have an acceleration and investment program to the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Latam?

Latin America is one of the most attractive regions to invest in, with +25B USD invested by VCs in the last 3 years, with great challenges and productive, economic, and social gaps, but with an incredible ecosystem of new companies, talent, and passionate entrepreneurs who seek to reshape the future of the region.

At what stages do we get involved?

We are looking for outstanding entrepreneurs in the preseed and early seed stage, especially with a growth strategy, where they demonstrate an initial market fit and/or validation of the business model, with demonstrable initial traction and a developed product.

Which sectors are we interested in?

Our firm has a multi-industry and multi-sectoral view, trying to identify the most relevant trends and needs of the region in the current context. Today we see great challenges in terms of people, productivity, finance, and advanced technology in the region.

What characteristics are we looking for in the entrepreneurs

We are looking for founders with a mindset, vision, and global ambition, seeking to generate a positive impact on the development of the region. Those who value diversity and the power of teamwork, have experience in the fields they venture into, have at least one technological founder, and are open to mentorship and advice to challenge assumptions.