Ainwater is a Chilean Startup that offers a SaaS platform based on artificial intelligence for the industrial and utilities sector, allowing those who operate a wastewater treatment plant to guarantee the quality of the treatment and operational continuity…
SaaS | Digital Twins | Sustentability | Artificial Intelligence | Future of Work
Avanzo is a pioneering Colombian fintech in financial products for collaborators at the base of the Latin American pyramid. With a focus on education and financial well-being, they help thousands of people build a better future and consequently make their employers have more productive companies.
Financial Wellbeing | Financial Inclusion | Future of Finance
Beeok is a Chilean startup that offers digital solutions supported by artificial intelligence for the decarbonization and sustainability of companies and their value chains.
SaaS | Sustainability | Artificial Intelligence | Future of Work
MiEmpeño is a platform that leverages the infrastructure of pawn shops to digitize, streamline, and make pawn loans and the purchase/sale of second-hand items more accessible with a completely online service, from the comfort of your home or office.
Ecommerce | Marketplace & Logistics | Financial Inclusion | Future of Finance
Velocity is a Colombian startup that acts as the main enabler of quickcommerce in LatAm, through its technological platform that connects e-commerce (websites, delivery platforms, marketplaces, social networks, among others) with logistical capabilities (inventory management, darkstore network, last-mile operators) to make ultra-fast deliveries.
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WeKall is a SaaS platform for business telephony and Cloud Contact Center in the cloud with the use of AI-mediated Voicebots, which allows companies to provide a world-class service and maximize their sales with management, control, tracking, and messaging tools for sales teams, customer service, and real-time reporting.
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