Through a team with an entrepreneurial vision and a close style, we support disruptive founders to achieve their big goals.

With more than 10 years of experience in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in LatAm, a diverse and committed team, consolidated partners and alliances around the world, we seek to be a benchmark actor in early stage investment in Latin America.

Having supported and funded +120 startups as an accelerator, knowing various stories of entrepreneurs, motivates us to expand our offer and impact, supporting today’s entrepreneurs from all over LatAm with our Venture Capital fund.

Javier Cueto

Managing Partner & GP

“As businessmen and technological entrepreneurs, we created Imagine with the aim of contributing to the development of our country and Latin America, with quality jobs and greater added value”

Eduardo Tastets

Partner & GP

Venture’s Team

Rodrigo Lafuente


Manuel Pino


Roberto Pino


Pablo Caroca


Lucho Mourgues


Imagine’s Support Team

Francisca Rojas

Ecosystem & Projects

Max Johansson

Accelerator Portfolio

Macarena Lira

Communication & Marketing

Renato Cacciuttolo



Investing is part of a continuous learning process, where together we will discover insights, data, and key visions to grow and scale your business.


The ability to generate valuable connections is a fundamental element in the development process of a startup, and a key task that we develop as a VC.


Our philosophy drives not only collaborative work, but also based on the rigor, transparency, and discipline of entrepreneurs in the growth of their startups.

Community: We have created a community of investors, allies, and entrepreneurs that develops synergies and high-impact business and/or collaboration opportunities.

Network and partnerships: We have +150 partners worldwide to boost and drive your scaling.

Data and Insights: We have access to platforms, tools, and an expert community in Venture Capital (VCLab) to discover and learn about the latest trends and challenges in the industry.

Co-investment: We actively participate in co-investment opportunities with other Venture Capital funds in the region, based on our philosophy of collaboration.

Hands on Approach: We work with you in an active, close, and horizontal way, to jointly solve the problems or challenges that our entrepreneurs face, developing bonds of trust.

International Acceleration and Investment Readiness

Imagine Global

Together with Start2 Group, we develop a program for early-stage startups focused on prospecting the USA market and raising private capital.

Our network to create

new opportunities

Access to our network of more than 60 companies and +100 funds in key markets abroad, for investment and business opportunities.

Opportunities to scale in the Pacific Alliance, U.S., Europe, or Asia with our local partners.

Apply to specific benefits and programs such as the Microsoft Digital Native Companies Program and Microsoft for Startups.

Great international partners

Today we have partnerships in multiple regions to foster our value offer

Our offer is backed by key partners, such as…

The accelerator positions itself as a top accelerator in Chile & Latam, and will provide dealflow generation, networking, alliances, methodology, and follow-up of the startups in our portfolio.

Microsoft has been a strategic partner of Imagine since its inception. We have been working for almost a decade supporting early-stage startups and our portfolio will have access to the benefits of Microsoft’s emerging companies offer.

VC Lab, part of the Founder Institute, is one of the main VC accelerators in Silicon Valley, which is a venture partner of our fund. The Founder Institute has a global network that includes ecosystem leaders, startups, top CEOs, risk investors in more than 200 cities around the world.

Start2 group (German Accelerator) is one of the top 15 accelerators globally, with presence in Asia, Europe, USA, and LatAm, with which we develop an international acceleration program and investment readiness to the United States.
We are members of the Chilean Venture Capital Association, one of the most important associations in Latin America, where we actively participate in co-investment, training, directive, and networking instances.
Imagine has worked with different public organizations in Chile, LatAm, Europe, and Asia to develop programs to support high-potential startups from their inception, to raise capital and scale to new markets.