Generating an impact on the future and challenges of Latam through partnerships with the best startups and founders!

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We are a firm that bets on disruptive startups

Our mission is to support startups in early stages that seek to generate an impact on society, taking on the main productive, financial, social and technological challenges of the region, to generate innovative businesses that leave a mark.

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Why Latin America?

Latin America is one of the hottest regions to invest (over USD 15b in 2021), with an incredible ecosystem of startups and talent, with passionate entrepreneurs that are looking to reshape the future of the region. 

What sectors interest us?

Our firm has a multi-industry and multi-sector perspective, trying to identify the most relevant trends and needs of the region in the current context. Today we see great challenges in terms of people, productivity, finances and advanced technology in the region.

What stages do we get involved at?

We are looking for outstanding entrepreneurs at an early stage, especially in a state of acceleration, where they can demonstrate an initial market fit, a validation of their business model, traction and metrics that demonstrate said validation, and who may or may not be starting a phase of scaling.

What characteristics do we look for in entrepreneurs?

We look for global minded entrepreneurs, with ambition and looking to make an impact in society through an inspirational vision and goals. They must believe in diversity and the power of teamwork, have experience in the fields they are venturing, at least one tech founder and be open to mentoring and advisory to challenge their assumptions.